Thursday 20/7/2017.

After a long absence from the office we finally got back to the desk , and started to create , and renovate the homepage and shop. Major graphics overhaul , and some long awaited sub Companys pages got created .... also a web finalized version deadline have been scheduled at the 14th august 2017 , cms and framework for IzWarez have installed , tweaked , and set to evolution mode ... 

The Admin 

About IzWarez.

what is Izwarez you might ask and i will reply ... icecold propgressive artistic inventions of fabricating addiction ,  sprinkeld with a dash of mad creative geniues and ambition , drive , and skills ...

what do we do and what do we sell ,

we develop software for robotics application , and more

we manufacture prototype robotics solutions

we make art for sale , poster's painting's tattoo's etc

we have a graphic studio for web graphics , digital art , etc

we have a range of clothing , both fighter editions and casual range

we do race chippin , and dashboard building


all these area's are placed within a company suited for the subjects.